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Quality craftsmanship

Satoshi_one was designed in Paris and handcrafted by the best European artisans in Felgueiras, Portugal. Our partner’s team work in the best conditions to make your next pair of sneakers.

Clean and modern style

Satoshi_one has a fine and elegant shape, and its minimalist aspect is enhanced by an embossing of a satoshi unit "0.00000001".

Blockchain Certified
Satoshi Studio partners with to build the future of valuables ownership.

We propose a radically new way to own creations on top of the incredible feeling of experiencing them.
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Fidelity token
We create our own ERC20 token to retain our community and reward our contributors.
We intend to give maximum transparency on all of our products by giving information on the materials and our manufacturers.

Durable rubber sole

The three centimetres cup sole from BOLFLEX© is 100% rubber and will resist intensive daily use, assuring the longevity of the shoes.

Solid reliability

The sole is not only glued, it’s also sewed to ensure maximum longevity. Never choose style over comfort when you can have both.

Responsible fashion

Our short campaigns enable us to produce the right quantities at a reasonable price without neglecting the quality.


Built to last

Made with high-quality leather from Thimeco© in Italy, leather interior lining and mid-soft insole, Satoshi_one is designed to last.

Long-term comfort

The Biturbo© insole will fit the shape of your feet nicely, resist daily usage and has been cushioned for maximum comfort.

Monochromatic colors

Developed in four different colors, they can be worn on any occasion. Minimalistic and enhanced by an embossing of a satoshi unit either in gold or silver.


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