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October 02, 2019

If you followed us recently, you know that we launched the Satoshi_one, our high-end sneakers certified on blockchain. From the get go, we were on the lookout for the best way to trace and register our products. We really liked Arianee’s vision: propose a radically new way to own creations on top of the incredible feeling of experiencing it. Because our visions matched so much, we’re happy to announce that we developed a partnership with this blockchain consortium.

Arianee is a Digital Certification Standard for valuable goods based on an open source, token-based smart contract protocol, managed by an independent and participative organization.

Arianee created a protocol to foster trust, respect and transparency between brands and their consumers. Thanks to technology, we are now able to augment the ownership of goods. Arianee can trace every item sold through their solution. It helps prevent counterfeiting with a very simple tool. Brands are then able to build a perpetual relationship with the owners. Arianee has already established partnerships with other high-end clothing, watchmaking and spirits brand.

The Arianee protocol has been live for a couple of weeks. Satoshi Studio will be one of the first companies (if not the first) to let its community use their groundbreaking technology. It’s a win-win partnership; we take part and raise awareness about an ambitious project, and they will work with us to test and iterate their solution. We’re very excited about it and we hope more brands will follow suit.

The next step for us is to broadcast a live demo of how this new system works, before closing our first official crowdfunding campaign. Those of you who were lucky enough to get your very own pair of Satoshi_one from the first batch, will be able to use our solution very soon!

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