Time to talk about how we came up with the idea of Satoshi Studio!

The idea of creating a brand inspired by tech and crypto culture came from several things:

  1. We love sneakers and good clothes without the hype.
  2. We are a group of friends from different backgrounds (tech, design, marketing) and we were all involved in crypto.
  3. We wanted to launch a project together.

This was enough for us to start working on Satoshi Studio in our spare time. As time passed, it became much more than a fun side-project.

We started to work on Satoshi Studio last year with one goal: making high-end products at a fair price by getting rid of intermediaries.

We decided to start with sneakers, which was not the easiest path. We made that decision because shoes are a way for people to show the world who they are, their values, and their beliefs. We figured it was the perfect product for a brand with a focus on its community.

As legendary designer for Nike Tinker Hatfield said: “Design for the community you’re part of”. So that’s exactly what we did.

One of our main assets during the creation process was the early feedback we received. The shoes are only the final step in a successful collaboration between our friends, acquaintances, the first followers and the core team behind Satoshi Studio. A lot of people (communities like Satoshi VS Fibonacci, JV.com) helped us refine the concept and the designs that led to the final tests.


When the time came to produce the shoes, we already had a pretty good idea of what we wanted. We hired a freelance designer from the Parsons school with several years of experience in the industry. With his knowledge and network, we contacted several manufacturing workshops in Portugal and traveled there to meet a few of them.

This is where we met Eduardo, a friendly guy with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. When we saw his dedication and his love for quality work, we realised pretty quickly that it was the beginning of a great collaboration.


The Satoshi_one is handcrafted in the city of Felgueiras, Portugal. The region is well known in the footwear industry. A lot of others famous brands are implanted there, for instance Givenchy, Axel Arigato or Tommy Hilfiger. You’ll find more details about the Satoshi_one in our next article!