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Blockchain Solution

July 08, 2019

Each pair of sneakers comes with a label holder containing a pre-configured NFC chip. This feature gives the user a secure and fun way to Collect, Sell and Recycle authentic Satoshi Studio products.

Key Components:

  • The digital identity on blockchain is the best solution against counterfeiting for all physical products.
  • We provide access to information such as materials, origin, authenticity, model and instructions that stays with products throughout their lifecycle.
  • We offer a fun way to collect and resell our products. Our blockchain records the interactions of the product during its lifespan.
  • Send your old product back to us for recycling and earn Satoshi Studio Tokens (Coins) to buy new products.  We will ensure that the old products of today will become the resources of tomorrow. 
  • Our app enables us to interact directly with our community while respecting privacy and data ownership rights.  

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