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July 07, 2019

To limit Satoshi Studio’s environmental footprint, our goal is to never waste a pair of shoes. We’re aware that the textile industry is one of the world’s most wasteful environments.

That’s why we operate on a presale model: to produce the right amount. No more, no less. To further reduce the Satoshi_one’s environmental impact, we removed all the intermediaries between the consumer and our producers, which minimises shipping.

We also partnered with Pur Projet which is an impact-driven social enterprise. For every pair sold, we undertake to plant 1 tree to preserve the planet’s ecosystems. Thanks to reforestation, coral reef preservation and raising awareness of plastic recycling among local populations, this commitment enables the sustainable management of natural resources.

We are aware that Satoshi Studio will still have an environmental impact by producing sneakers: this is not greenwashing. But we do our best to reduce this impact by carefully choosing our suppliers and partners.


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