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  • The Satoshi_09 is handcrafted in Portugal from chrome-free leather and an off-white recycled sole with a raw texture. The timeless design makes it possible to wear them with anything from your wardrobe. Each S_09 comes with a sewed cotton label on which you’ll find a unique QR code, giving the user an access to its digital certificate hosted on blockchain. With our partner 1% For The Planet, an impact-driven social enterprise, we will plant 1 tree to preserve the planet’s ecosystem for each pair sold.
    • Our goal is to offer the best quality at the right price, using crowdfunding. We need to keep as little stock as possible in order not to overproduce. Each batch is limited in stock! This is part of our DNA. You have until December 18 to pre-order the Satoshi_09 and the delivery is forseen in April 2021 max. It might look far away but with the Covid still around, we prefer to be cautious. Although, we should be able to deliver before.
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    Quality craftsmanship

    We teamed up with artisans who have decades of experience working with high-quality materials and luxury brands to produce the best sneakers. The Satoshi_09 is handcrafted in Portugal and we chose all of our suppliers in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. Our partner guarantees safety and good working conditions to its people. Good craftsmanship comes from great working conditions! 

    Clean and Minimalist Aesthetic

    We decided to create a timeless and minimalist pair of sneakers. We created a sleek model that can potentially match everything in your wardrobe. Our insole made of latex foam offers everyday comfort and softness. We added two thick foams to surround the ankle. Never choose style over comfort when you can have both!

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    Build to last

    The soles and upper part of the Satoshi_09 are sewn and glued to provide maximum longevity. The Strobel construction also guarantees flexibility for the shoes. Unlike chromium leathers (~90% of world production) the chrome-free leather offers stiffer, firmer and stronger leather. It has the advantage of aging well and to embellish over the years.

    Recycled Soles

    The soles of the Satoshi_09 are made out of recycled materials and we chose a special mold to give it a raw and textured appearance. In order to keep up with our environmental engagements, we have developed a sole partially made of ~70% recovered plastics and ~30% natural latex, manufactured with Bolflex, one of the best sole makers in the world. We chose a nice off-white color to balance out the whiteness of the leather which gives the pair a cool vintage look. 

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    Satoshi Studio


    We are aware that the fashion industry is one of the world’s most wasteful environments. We go in-depth in choosing our products to be the most environmentally responsible and ethically sourced possible

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    QR Code and Label

    As you probably noticed, we created a very special label for this batch. We partnered with Neyret, a French manufacturer making labels for luxury brands since 1823. They are both incredible artisans and leading-edge innovators. Neyret created a new weaving production technique to sew a unique QR code on each label. These labels are not only good looking, they are the results of long research and experimental development. 

    Transparency and circularity

    Each Satoshi_09 comes with a unique QR code, giving the user an access to its digital certificate hosted on blockchain. By creating a unique digital version of each Satoshi_09 on blockchain, we can store information on materials, certifications, suppliers and so on. When you receive a pair of Satoshi Studio, you can claim ownership via our partner’s app “Arianee Wallet”, by scanning the unique QR code on the label. It allows us to be more transparent and to integrate in the future: repairing, reselling and recycling services directly on Arianee’s App. Click here to learn more about it. 

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    Product image

    The Future of Ownership

    A blockchain is like a public decentralized database, you can store and exchange data without the possibility of reversing or corrupting it. Our solution is powered by blockchain and provides an authenticity stamp that can be digitally verified for each physical product and viewed on any smartphone. Blockchain can provide a trustworthy infrastructure for brands and customers, whilst tackling the problem of counterfeiting and the lack of transparency in the fashion industry. Click here to learn more about it.

    Solid Reliability

    Satoshi_09 is made with premium chrome-free leather from Italy, at the highest standards of EU environmental norms. The sneakers also feature highly water-resistant laces that last longer and maintain their original form over time while giving the sneakers a polished look. It took months to develop (in difficult Covid conditions) but we are proud of all the people involved in this project.

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    Thank you

    We could have never succeeded without our first customers, our talented friends, mentors and partners. We had incredible help from Anne-Sophie (passionate project manager from Neyret), Edgar (industrial designer by training and heart from our manufacturer Enshoes), Salomon (ex-designer from Louis Vuitton, specialized in sustainable sneaker design and mentor), Erwan & Esmire who did an amazing shooting in a living room during the lockdown, Julien and the great Arianee team and, of course, we made it through this year thanks to our followers and supporters.

    Our products in life

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    Product image
    Product image

    This t-shirt is everything you've dreamed of and more. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. It's comfortable and flattering for both men and women.

    • 100% Organic ring-spun combed cotton
    • Fabric weight: 180 g/m2
    • Inside back neck tape in self fabric
    • Sleeve hem and bottom hem with wide double needle topstitch

    The Male model is wearing a size M. He's 6.2 feet (190 cm) tall, chest circumference 37.7" (96 cm), waist circumference 33.4" (85 cm).
    The female model is wearing a size M. She's 5.8 feet (178 cm) tall, chest circumference 34.6" (88 cm), waist circumference 27.16" (69 cm), hip circumference 37.7" (96cm).

    Satoshi Studio

    Certified on Blockchain

    The Satoshi_one come with an authenticity stamp that can be digitally
    verified for each product and viewed on any smartphone.


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