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We create high-end products with their own digital identity.

WELCOME TO The Future of Ownership

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Unique Digital Identity 

Each Satoshi Studio product on the blockchain has a QR code, enabling it to have a unique digital identity, that provides access to information, such as suppliers, materials, origin, authenticity, model, and instructions that stays with our products throughout their lifecycle. This feature gives our customers the ability to track our product, no matter the origin of acquisition.


Counterfeiting is a serious issue in the fashion industry, which has contributed to the distrust of online and physical retailers. By using a decentralized database that stores and exchanges data without the possibility of modify or corrupt it, we can address this problem.

Satoshi Studio provides, with Arianee's protocol, a trustworthy infrastructure for customers that guarantees the authenticity of your product.

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We believe we can build a stronger digital relationship with our community through blockchain, creating a secure and fun way to buy, collect, sell and recycle authentic Satoshi Studio products. We give our community greater ownership over their valued possessions and creating a whole new “physical meets digital” experience for people who love fashion.

Our partner arianee

Satoshi Studio partners with Arianee.org to build the future of valuables ownership.
Welcome to a new way to own creations and have the incredible feeling of experiencing them!

How does it work?

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At the production level, we create a digital duplicate of the item on the Arianee blockchain as soon as it is produced by the factory. This digital identity contains a range of information.

The QR Code contains a unique ID that allows you to transfer the ownership of the smart contract to your own Arianee wallet.

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