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Satoshi Studio wants to offer high-end products, that are also affordable and produced responsibly: they are created for consumers who have a knack for innovation, and who are particularly attentive to transparency.

We are convinced that the new generation of brands must be environmentally conscious, with a circular and inclusive economy. To address these challenges, we want to inspire international brands and consumers to change their patterns and habits. This won’t work without clear objectives though, which is why we’ve defined 5 pillars of our brand:

1. Meeting expectations in an ever-changing world

Satoshi Studio wants to offer high-end products that are within the reach of anybody, using our planet’s resources in a responsible manner. Stepping up to environmental and social challenges of our time is our strongest driving force. To us, this isn’t an option but a necessity.

2. Listening to our community

Satoshi Studio is a collaborative project. We ask for our clients’ feedback with surveys and communication campaigns on social media. These forms already allowed us to create our first products, to better understand our user base and to create strong links within the community. They’re creating Satoshi Studio just as much as we are.

3. Educating on tomorrow’s challenges

With our strategic positioning and the content we publish, we aim to influence consumers to change their habits and the way they think about purchases. Today, consumers can have a strong impact on their favourite products. We want to guide them so they can raise their expectations and influence brands to be more conscious about their choices. One step at a time.

4. Creating solid foundations

Satoshi Studio knows how to take its time. We want to extend our reach, but not at any cost. Creating a strong brand with an international dimension won’t happen if we take shortcuts. We will therefore take the time to do things right, with the right people.

5. Experimenting and learning, always

We are aware of how important constant learning, fast iteration and feedback are. We spend a lot of time talking to entrepreneurs, engineers and designers who support us. We want to keep experimenting and creating the best products/services. It means using new materials, innovative communication, and modern tools for packaging and delivery, among many other ideas.

Satoshi Studio will never give in when it comes to quality, or its responsibility to consumers. We want to absorb the best innovations and offer products calibrated for our generation.

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