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Satoshi_one is made with premium leather from Thimeco© in northern Italy, at the best standards of EU environmental norms and is currently produced in Felgueiras, Portugal.

Felgueiras is a region internationally renowned for its traditional expertise in shoe manufacturing. Our skilled craftsmen work under the best conditions to make your next pair of sneakers.

In addition to being expertly made, our shoes are elegant, modern and comfortable.

For instance, the outsole offers flexibility and support thanks to the Strobel technique. The Biturbo© insole moulds perfectly to the shape of your foot, resists daily wear-and-tear and is cushioned for maximum comfortThe three-centimeter cup sole from BOLFLEX© is 100% rubber and resists intensive daily use, assuring the longevity of the shoes

The sneakers also feature waxed laces. Highly water resistant, these laces last longer and maintain their original form over time, while giving the sneakers a polished look. 

Available in four different colors: WhiteDark BlueGray and Black, the sneakers can be worn for any occasion. Their minimalist style is enhanced by an embossing of a satoshi unit"0.00000001" in gold or silver depending on the model. 

Never choose style over comfort when you can have both.

Blockchain Solution

Each pair of sneakers comes with a label holder containing a pre-configured NFC chip. This feature gives the user a secure and fun way to Collect, Sell and Recycle authentic Satoshi Studio products.

Key Components:

  • The digital identity on blockchain is the best solution against counterfeiting for all physical products.
  • We provide access to information such as materials, origin, authenticity, model and instructions that stays with products throughout their lifecycle.
  • We offer a fun way to collect and resell our products. Our blockchain records the interactions of the product during its lifespan.
  • Send your old product back to us for recycling and earn Satoshi Studio Tokens (Coins) to buy new products.  We will ensure that the old products of today will become the resources of tomorrow. 
  • Our app enables us to interact directly with our community while respecting privacy and data ownership rights.  


To limit Satoshi Studio’s environmental footprint, our goal is to never waste a pair of shoes. We’re aware that the textile industry is one of the world’s most wasteful environments.

That’s why we operate on a presale model: to produce the right amount. No more, no less. To further reduce the Satoshi_one’s environmental impact, we removed all the intermediaries between the consumer and our producers, which minimises shipping.

We also partnered with Pur Projet which is an impact-driven social enterprise. For every pair sold, we undertake to plant 1 tree to preserve the planet’s ecosystems. Thanks to reforestation, coral reef preservation and raising awareness of plastic recycling among local populations, this commitment enables the sustainable management of natural resources.

We are aware that Satoshi Studio will still have an environmental impact by producing sneakers: this is not greenwashing. But we do our best to reduce this impact by carefully choosing our suppliers and partners.


Our Story

As sneaker lovers, we know that one of the biggest problems when you want to buy a specific or exclusive pair is counterfeiting. You can't trust people on the Internet, not even retailers. We realized that blockchain can provide a trustworthy infrastructure for brands and customers, whilst tackling the problem of counterfeiting.   

A blockchain is like a decentralized database which is completely public, where you can store and exchange data without the possibility of reversing or corrupting it.  

Our solution is powered by blockchain, and provides an authenticity stamp that can be digitally verified for each physical product and viewed on any smartphone.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

By creating a unique digital identity for each Satoshi_one on blockchain, we can store information for each product line, season, production number, material and so on. Then, when you receive your pair of shoes, you can claim ownership with our App and the NFC tag that comes with them. We can also follow the lifecycle of the product if the owner sells it to somebody else or wants to recycle it by sending it back to our factory.

We are giving our community greater ownership over their valued possessions and creating a whole new “physical meets digital” experience for people who like good clothes. 

We also believe we can build a stronger digital relationship with our community with blockchain.

With our solution, it will be possible to develop a circular economy, create new business incentives that reduce production and waste, and track products at all stages of their lifecycle.

The idea of creating Satoshi Studio came from several things:

  • We love sneakers and good clothes.
  • We are a group of friends from different backgrounds (tech, design, marketing) and we were all involved in the tech / blockchain space.
  • We wanted to launch a project together.

This led us to start working on Satoshi Studio in our spare time in 2018. Gradually, it became much more than just a fun side-project.

We decided to start with sneakers, which was not the easiest path. We made this decision because shoes are a way for people to show the world who they are and what they believe in. We figured it was the perfect product for a brand with a focus on its community.

As legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield said: “Design for the community you’re part of

So that’s exactly what we did. 

Welcome to a new way to own creations on top of the incredible feeling of experiencing them!


Whereas 87% of the world’s footwear is produced in Asia or in developing countries, we focused on finding partners in the EU that share our values.

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Size Guide

Tips To Check Your Size!

The best way to measure your feet is to do it in the afternoon. Your feet can swell during the course of the day which can impact the fit of your shoes.


If you have any question about your size you can contact us at


Delivery & returns

Delivery dates

In our opinion, pre-ordering is the most efficient way to offer an exceptional level of quality at a reasonable price. Because of that, you should expect some waiting time before delivery, since the product is ordered and made specifically for you.

The estimate delivery of the Satoshi_one is end of October.

Delivery costs

We deliver all around the globe. The shipping rate is $7 when shipping to Europe, and $10 when shipping outside of Europe.

Money back guarantee

If you change your mind, you can cancel your order at anytime before the shipping date and we will refund you.

Easy size returns

You can change the size if it doesn't fit, it's entirely free! Within 15 days you can simply send it back to us and we will refund you or send you a new pair at the good size. Easy!


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